abril 13, 2021

Transactional or Transcendent? I Learned About Faith From “The Log”

In a fit of inspiration, I rolled the log over and showed him the pillbugs living underneath. “Look!” I told him, “We can’t take the pillbugs’ house away.” Luckily, he was satisfied with that, and we moved on to throw sticks into the stream.

Yesterday I ended my run on the bike path in the woods below my house when I saw it out of the corner of my eye: the log.

Years ago my oldest grandson spotted the log beside the path. It had a word carved on its surface that appealed to him. I forget what that captivating word was, maybe “LOVE” or “HELP” or something else, but it made him covet that log… Go on reading this here.

Puede que te hayas perdido

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